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The truth behind how netflix understands your wants and needs final article

Netflix's 'human algorithm' knows your needs and wants better than ...

It seems innocent enough, but how Netflix understands your wants and needs is a precise science.

Zac efron dj movie we are your friends wayf box office bom third worst opening all time article

Zac Efron's DJ movie bombs in the box office, is third-worst opening film of all time

Zac Efron lives out fantasy of being a talented DJ no one wants to hear to cope with reality of being an untalented actor no one wants to see.

Screen shot 2015 10 02 at 1.38.49 pm article

Root beer floats can now get you drunk! Smell ya later, childhood.

Finally, your childhood fantasy of being a kid in possession of booze is coming true.

Gulabi gang india women's rights beat men with sticks article

A gang in India stands up for women by beating abusive men senseless with sticks | Rooster Magazine

Roaming the badlands in pink saris with big sticks, they beat the shit out of everyone from abusive husbands to corrupt officials.

Screen 20shot 202015 09 15 20at 209 08 46 20am article

Study tells us when in the year college kids do which drugs for the first time.

Most American post-children start using drugs and alcohol in college thanks to the glorious liberation of the 'No parents, no rules' phenomenon. However, we've never really had a clear picture of exactly when they start using and which drugs they choose ... until now.

Ap060308012222 e1430591103502 article

Lawmaker Kevin Calvey Threatens to Set Himself on Fire Because, Abortion. - Skirt Collective

After all that history, we now have an old white man that thinks casting aside a woman’s right to her own body, which is an act of violence itself, is so vital to his existence that if the government cannot control this on a national scale, he will set himself on fire.

Doctors getting high drugs article

Docs on Drugs: a shockingly high number of doctors are getting high on their own supply

We all need a little boost every now and then, and your stressed out, sleep-deprived primary physician's no different. They just have more access to meds.

Live eels do not belong in your ass article

Look, live eels do not belong in your ass

Apparently, this is all stemming from a particular style of Japanese porn gone wrong. From what we gather, it resembles an episode of Fear Factor meets Saw meets everyone is naked.

141107 loretta lynch 1811 8a7e6334cfb0fe8fc5fdf7ade5e3f561 e1429922676851 article

Yeah, It Was a "Race Thing": Loretta Lynch's Wait to Become US Attorney General - Skirt Collective

It was a power show to indicate that because she is a black woman, she can be cast aside and disregarded no matter what position she may hold.

49vijww article

10 Reasons Why You Should Ditch your Partner and Get a Cat Instead

The kind of love you need may be closer than you think– and it could have been next to you all along. Yes, I’m talking about the true, loyal, love of a cat. Don’t believe me? Well let’s look at a list of all the reasons cats are better than men.

Car 7 article article

Dropping Out: What Living Out of My Car Taught Me

I used to live here, out of this car, spending afternoons sprawled across a mattress pad lying out across the backseat, waiting for nothing. I was free, two suitcases and a mattress pad. A teddy bear and a mandolin. Everything that was important to me was either in the trunk or occupying the backseat floor space.

Rubyrose article

A Season 2 Recap of Orange is the New Black And What To Look For Ahead

Whether your local Netflix hookup is your friend’s couch or your Macbook- rejoice and get ready to chain yourself to it, because Orange is the New Black is almost back.